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23/175 Millwater Parkway (09) 320 0873 Enrolment Form and Questionnaire 我们提供华语医生服务

Allergy Clinic

“Allergies are a growing problem in New Zealand and an increasing concern for many of us. There are some key ways we can manage them so that the problem is not increased. Come and find out what to do and what not to do at the Silverdale Allergy Clinic where I can diagnose, test, and assist you in the management of allergy or allergy-related concerns.”  – Dr Rebekah Wilson
A standard appointment is 20 minutes and the cost is $125.00 per 20 minutes or covered by medical insurance in most cases. Further treatment options and costs can be discussed at your consultation.
Click here to visit our website or contact us at Millwater Medical Centre, 175 Millwater Parkway, Millwater 0932
Phone: 09 427 9997